Jamaica 13 DOK LMDW

Edition: 2022
Collection: The Spirit of Art Limited Edition
Type: Pure Single Rum
Distillery: HD
Region: Jamaica
Cask number: 17
Distilled in: 2009
Bottled in: 2022
Still type: Pot Still
Outturn: 304 bottles
ABV: 57.5%
Tropical ageing: 2 years
Continental ageing: 11 year

The spirit of art Jamaica HD DOK 13

Diego Zangirolami.

Born in Turin in 1984, painter and architect, graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico University of Turin after attending an artistic high school.

His artistic research is strongly linked to the European tradition and is characterised by original miniatures where people, landscapes, architecture, history, literature, poetry and myths talk to each other. Highly skilled in drawing he possesses a refined pictorial technique.

Precious miniatures enclose small worlds, linked to each other, where characters either real or made up live in extemporal contexts. The creative mind of the artist, anachronistic at a first glance, contains a different temporality that is developed in a totally personal way for the choices both in the composition and the contents.

Since the beginning we have seen in his work a quid pluris, a courage to be far beyond the fashion of the moment, that are the founding elements in the path of the Gallery.

After several years spent in Chile, he lives and works in between Turin and Berlin.


Courtesy of CRAG Gallery - Turin

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