"Two casks of wood-aged spirit, distilled and filled the very same day and left to their deserved rest in the warehouse at the same time, at the end of their maturation period, will never have the same taste anymore".

strath_pl.gifThere are, in fact, too many unknown and uncontrollable factors influencing their aging process: the size of the cask, the different wood of its staves, the different position in the rack. Was one close to a source of heat or cold? Was another closer to the main door being perhaps influenced by the cold air brought in by the warehouse keeper in his routine checks?

Little, subtle differences summed and compounded over decades make each cask unique bringing out perhaps fruitiness, waxiness, peat or simply giving a mellower overall nose and palate. Different but equal at the same time.

Perfect because of their imperfections.

But so it should be: nowadays we live in an era of technological and industrial scientific consistency and perfection: products can be made in series of tens of thousands with no differences, no individual unique characters. No soul.

Equal in their own, consistent perfection.

etich23.gifWe decided to go back to those times were things were bespoken and each object was unique for his own imperfections like a hand-blown crystal: behind each detail or ink smear of our labels, behind a different shade of oxidation of our metallic plaques there is the work of someone of us. Was it a sunny or a rainy day when the ink was let to dry? Was a plaque left a couple of instants more into the acid bath to oxidise leading to a deeper scar in the metal? And the sealing wax: how many seconds was left upside down before letting it dry? Perhaps that day one of our craftsmen was distracted for a moment by something: a joke shared with a friend, a particular thought that passed in his head.

Unique instants, precious for their unrepeatability.

We have come to cherish this marvellous inconsistencies: when you hold one of our bottles in your hands you can appreciate that not only the nectar inside is unique but all of it is.

A moment frozen in time.

"In a world of overwhelming wood influence,
we always seek the true distillery character, nothing less."

Fabio Ermoli
Co-Founder & Sales Manager

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